Wirelessly Stream Video to Any Location in Your Home or Office with the Diamond V-Stream – VS200VR HDMI Wireless AV Video Sender/ Receiver

Have you ever just wanted to watch TV in another room but didn’t want to rent another set-top box from the cable company? Your main TV is in the living room and you only have one cable box, but you want to entertain friends out in the patio or you want to watch TV in the kitchen. So, you call the cable company and ask them how much an additional set-top box will cost. They give you some ridiculous price, and you hang up on them… been there, done that. Now, you can wirelessly stream video to any location in your home or office with the Diamond V-Stream VS200VR – HDMI Wireless AV Video Sender/Receiver.

Diamond V-Stream VS200VR

Setting Up an Additional Entertainment Center is Easier and Less Costly Than You Think
With the Diamond V-Stream VS200VR, you can turn any location in your home to an entertainment center such as your outdoor patio, garage, bedroom, home office or kitchen without having to move or purchase additional set-top boxes, media players or gaming consoles. The Diamond VS200VR comes with a Transmitter and a Receiver and the set-up is super easy. With its built-In IR, you can have full control over your HDMI devices, wirelessly. Let’s look at how it works:

Diamond V-Stream VS200VR

Use the Transmitter to connect your main TV set. You can also connect to your laptop, PC, game console and set-top box. Now you can send video using only one cable box, to that extra TV you have in another location.

Diamond V-Stream VS200VR

The Diamond V-Stream VS200VR receiver has the capability to wirelessly receive an HD-video signal from 500 feet clear line-of-sight; streaming in full HD 1080P. In addition, the Diamond VS200VR also allows you to plug in USB game pads, mice, and keyboards for full control over a PC/Media server. We’ll get into this a little later.

Diamond V-Stream VS200VR

But, what I love most about the Diamond V-Stream VS200VR, is the fact that I can get the same great quality on the receiving TV as I’m getting on my primary TV. Streaming in Full HD 1080P really makes the difference, in my opinion. There’s absolutely no sacrifice in quality. I can enjoy the same football game or TV show with the same quality I’m getting on the TV in my living room that’s hooked up to the cable box. And the best part is I’m not paying that extra monthly fee.

VR Support and VR Enabled Smartphones
Another truly awesome feature of the Diamond V-Stream VS200VR, is the VR support. The transmitter can send video and audio to any mobile device with WiFi capability. Download the free TX Player app available from the Apple or Play Store, and you can play games using the split-screen VR mode with any standard VR glasses.

Diamond V-Stream VS200VR

Of course, you can always play your games, wirelessly, on a large screen TV. Just connect your PC or game console to the transmitter and send video and audio to the receiver. The game can now be played on a larger screen TV in another room.

Diamond V-Stream VS200VR

The Diamond V-Stream VS200VR, simply lets you enjoy more freedom when it comes to your TV. The awesome entertainment/value ratio to your home or office is what you will notice with this latest device from Diamond Multimedia. For more information on the VS200VR, as well as other innovative PC solutions, simply visit diamondmm.com.

Diamond V-Stream VS200VR


Expand Your View with the Diamond Ultra-Dock 5K- Ultra HD Docking Station DS6950

Keeping your personal computer peripherals connected in and around your work area, can sometimes be a daunting task. Life in a busy office or home without a good docking-station, would be nearly impossible. Everything from our phones, tablets, headphones, flash drives, extra monitors and printers are all connected in one area. One way to resolve the disorganization that every hardcore PC user experiences, is by using the Diamond DS6950-USB-C Ultra-HD 5K Docking Station.

Docking Station

Not Just an Ordinary Docking-Station
The Diamond DS6950 is more than just an ordinary docking-station and here’s why: With one single cable, you can easily connect your PC to two 4K Ultra HD 60Hz displays. Or you can use the dual DP ports and have a display with 5K resolution. With this capability, the DS6950 displays the absolute highest amount of pixels I have ever seen. The fact that I can stay connected to other devices is just icing on the cake.


DisplayLink® 4K Plug and Display Technology
The Diamond DS6950 Ultra-Dock 5K is fully certified by DisplayLink. It’s completely Plug and Play. All of the ports on the DS6950 seem to be built very well without it being too heavy or bulky and everything looks like it will last a lifetime, yet the sleek design looks very elegant on my desktop. DisplayLink technology makes getting connected as easy as simply plugging in a USB cable, and is used in products from all universal PC and peripheral brands.


Getting the Most from Your Docking-Station
As well as stunning dual video, the DS6950 also features universal connectivity including USB Type –C. The Diamond Ultra-Dock 5K is compatible with both Type-C and Type-A USB Laptops, Desktop PC’s and Mac OS X so there’s no OS compatibility issues for my needs at all. It also has a Gigabyte Ethernet Port and a separate Mic input and Audio output.


So if you want a fast, easy and convenient way to connect all of your peripheral desktop devices, extra monitors and enjoy 5K dual video at the same time, the Diamond Ultra-Dock DS6950 Docking-Station is the way to go. It really is a useful, much needed device for anyone who wants to be super-organized and wants to maximize their monitor real-estate.


You can find the Diamond Ultra-Dock DS6950 Docking-Station and other really innovative devices at www.diamondmm.com.

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