Multi-Display Adapter

Bridging the Gap between Your Laptop or Tablet and 4K Resolution with the Diamond BVU5500 4K Multi-Display Adapter

Continuing with the series on multi-display adapters, there’s quite a bit you can do with a new 4K monitor that I bet you didn’t even realize. One of those is to use a multi-display adapter to capture all of your onscreen content from a laptop or Windows tablet. Diamond Multimedia’s new BVU5500 4K Multi-Display Adapter is capable of connecting and extending your small-screen to a 4K resolution large-screen.

Diamond’s BVU5500 brings to life a new way to visualize in crisp super-high 4K resolution, stunning detail all from DisplayLink’s 4K Plug and Display technology.


The BVU5500’s maximum resolution capabilities are staggering. Now you can enjoy a screen that contains 4 times the amount of pixels of a standard HD 1080P monitor. I know you’re probably wondering how much of difference that really makes, but once you see the difference, I am sure that this new technology is something that’ll be quite addicting.


Again, the maximum resolution capability is a staggering 3840 x 2160 pixels. The Diamond BVU5500 features a standard display port. Audio is passed through the DP port but also has an external 3.5mm stereo input jack for additional audio needs.


Using the BVU5500 adapter is a real breeze. Just connect it to your PC, laptop or Windows Tablet and use a standard 3.0/2.0 cable to connect it to another monitor.


I use more than one at my workstation and can’t imagine my life without them. With additional BVU5500 adapters, you can set up more than just one extra monitor. You can have up to six. Once you start getting into the groove of using multi-display adapters, you’ll really start engaging in multi-tasking and keeping your work desk professional-looking and super impressive.


So don’t get bogged down using just your lonely laptop or tablet. Get connected to 4K technology and bridge that gap to all the new 4K display potential that is out there. The Diamond BVU5500 4K Multi-Display Adapter is just one of the many smart devices available at: