Enter the World of Ultra-Realistic Gaming Audio with the Diamond GHXS21 Gaming Headset

There are probably hundreds of options for gaming headsets out there these days, but which ones give you the most for your money? Enter the world of ultra-realistic gaming audio with the Diamond GHXS21 Gaming Headset. The Diamond Xtreme-Sound Gaming Headset has it all: The best quality sound and extreme comfort, with a sleek and durable design, for the best possible price.



Your Headset is Your Best Friend When it Comes to Gaming
If I were to tell you that the single most annoying aspect of gaming is bad quality audio, you’d probably agree. That’s because there’s nothing worse than not being able to hear clearly what’s going on. Plus the fact that so many headsets out there are horribly uncomfortable.

The Diamond Xtreme-Sound Gaming Headset sets a new level of comfort. A pair of high-quality leather ear-cups surround a pair of 40mm drivers that comfortably fits over your ears. Not only that, but the headset includes an extra set of cloth ear-cups as a replacement. The flexible headband offers stability and is also made of leather. I find the headset easy to use, very comfortable and can have them on for hours.


Easy-to-Access Controls
The Diamond Xtreme-Sound Gaming Headset features easy-to-access controls for volume, Mic mute and a LED light that has an On and Off switch. The switches and volume dial are all very robust and seem like they would hold up to years of abuse.


Built-In Microphone
The Diamond Xtreme-Sound Gaming Headset features a built-in, fixed Mic for crystal-clear sound and communication. You’ll be able to hear all of your opponents’ moves in crystal-clear, ultra-realistic sound. Experience the ultimate in game immersion as you dominate the competition in total comfort and style.

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Universal Plug-and-Play Design
The Diamond Xtreme-Sound Gaming Headset comes with USB and 3.5mm connectors for PC, tablets & smartphones as well as 3.5mm stereo adapters for Xbox One and PS4. A USB port is required for powering the large red LED light on the headset itself, which adds a nice touch.

The Diamond GHXS21 – Xtreme Sound Gaming Headset is serious sound for serious gamers. And for the set of features and high-quality design you get for the price, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better headset. You can find this and many other really neat multimedia products at diamondmm.com.

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Optimize Your Tablet Gaming on a Diamond TAB360 Universal Tablet Stand

If you’ve ever tried playing a racing game on your tablet, you know that holding onto the sides of your device doesn’t exactly give you that feel of being behind the wheel. This week we’ll look at one way you can optimize your tablet gaming on a Diamond TAB360 Universal Tablet Stand.

The Diamond TAB360 is a universal stand for iPads and tablets with a gyro 360° degree gaming wheel design. The stand itself can accommodate varying sizes of tablets in the 7″  to 10.1″ inch range. These include Apple iPads, iPad Minis, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Dell Venue 8 as well as Amazon Kindle Fires. The TAB360 is a tablet stand with gaming on its mind.


Great for Racing and Flying Games
The steering wheel design is really cool and it feels great in your hands. The grip feels nice and really captures the experience of driving or flying. It’s a whole lot more enjoyable than simply rotating my tablet around that’s for sure. Also, if you’re familiar with playing games on a tablet, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when you accidentally hit the back button or home button. The TAB360 gives you more stability when steering because the tablet stays suspended and locks into place on the stand. It’s light but highly durable and has a solid build quality.


Not Just for Gaming
And of course, it’s not just for gaming. The Diamond TAB360 can be used as a regular stand as well. I like to watch videos and TV shows on my tablet, so I just snap it into the TAB360 and sit back and relax. Use it in the bedroom, living room or just about anywhere. It’s ergonomically-shaped design allows you to use it on your lap, as well as any flat surface. It also comes in 2 colors, black and white. There’s even a Bluetooth® model. The TAB360BT is equipped with a fully functional wireless speaker connection for enhanced audio output over built-in tablet audio speakers.


You may find the Diamond TAB360 Universal Tablet Stand overly simple in its design and features because simplicity is exactly what it was designed for. But with that simplicity, comes the optimization of tablet gaming and the efficiency of viewing tablet content. If you would like more information on the Diamond TAB360 or any of the other really innovative multimedia products Diamond has to offer, just visit: www.diamondmm.com.

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