The Key to Getting High Definition Audio from Your PC is with the Diamond USB External Sound Card Digital HD 7.1

Your PC’s audio is very important and you owe it to yourself to have the very best in sound quality in your home or at your office. Whether you’re enjoying movies, music and or games, high quality surround sound is crucial. Now you can experience digital HD 7.1 quality from your PC’s audio system. The Diamond USB External Sound Card Digital HD 7.1 provides amazing audio for any computer with a USB port. It is equipped with standard input and output connectors for great stereo performance.

This handsome, sleek external sound card not only combines high quality audio recording with playback capabilities, but also allows the connection of most popular audio gear such as, home stereos, musical instruments, amplifiers, power speakers and microphones to your computer’s USB ports. It is easy to add stereo 7.1 channel surround sound effects to your computer with simple plug-and-play operation for PC or Mac.


I find the sound from the USB External Sound Card, to be much clearer, richer and fuller with a high definition quality you only hear in the most advanced home theater systems. Today’s motherboards integrate audio on-board. On-board audio is susceptible to a lot of noise and interference from other circuitry. For the highest quality sound experience possible, a new sound card like the USB External Sound Card, is honestly the most important thing you can do to your system.



The Diamond USB External Sound Card is your perfect desktop, notebook, Mac, Macbook or Windows tablet entertainment solution.

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