A Closer Look at the Triple Play Feature of the Diamond Game-Caster GC2000

Not sure how you will be using Diamond’s GC2000? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Triple Play feature of the Diamond Game-Caster GC2000. The GC2000 is a powerful, yet compact game capturing device that captures, edits and streams your game-play in HD 1080P from all the major game consoles. You can upload and stream your edited scenes onto YouTube, Facebook, Twitch® with real-time Voice Commentary.


The device itself is feature-packed and comes loaded with a host of connectors and ports. The Game-Caster GC2000 is designed to be used with your TV, game consoles, DVD players, set top boxes, router as well as your PC and laptops.

The three modes in which you can use the GC2000 are as follows:

  • PC (Capture/Edit) including real-time “Voice Commentary”
  • Standalone – Record directly to a SD card without a PC
  • Streaming – Stream directly to Twitch, Ustream or your Smartphone/Tablet



The PC (Capture/Edit) Mode
You’ll want to use the PC Mode to directly capture, preview, edit and save your game-play as final files to keep on your PC or laptop. Add real Voice Commentary to every scene. Once it’s captured, you can burn a file to DVD format, stream it to Twitch or Ustream or upload to YouTube.

Connect your game console to the Audio right and left ports, as well as the Component ports on the GC2000, or if you’re using an Xbox1 or PS4, use the HDMI In port, then connect your PC or laptop to the USB 2.0 port. You’ll want to connect your TV to the HDMI Out port to play your game while your computer is doing all the capturing. To start the capturing process, just hit the Record button.



The Standalone Mode
If you want to directly capture and store your game-play on an external SD card, you can use the Standalone Mode on the GC2000. This mode does not require you to be hooked up to a PC at all and gives you the flexibility to edit your files later. Again, connect your game console and TV to the GC2000 and push the Record button to start your capturing. Then take your SD card and transfer the files onto your computer for editing.



The Streaming Mode
If you want to directly capture your game-play and stream it to websites such as Ustream or Twitch, you’ll want to use the Streaming mode. By connecting your router to the GC2000 via the Ethernet port, and using the Shareview software, you can also stream your favorite captured game-play scenes to your tablet or smartphone.



Any one of the Triple Play modes of the GC2000 can be selected by the Mode switch so you can seamlessly go back and forth each mode.

When it comes to game-play, simply having the different options, of capturing and editing, can be a lot of fun and a great way to show off your skills. Diamond Multimedia makes it easy to share those skills. Looking for more information on the Game-Caster GC2000 or other really useful multimedia devices? Simply visit: www.diamondmm.com.

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Capturing, Editing and Sharing Your Gaming Strategies with the Diamond Game-Caster GC500

In this world of viral videos and social media, capturing, editing and sharing your gaming strategies has never been more important and with the help of the Diamond Game-Caster GC500, you can really show off your talents. The Diamond GC500 is a USB 2.0 Video Game Capture device that let’s you capture and edit your game play from gaming consoles such as Xbox® 360 & PS3®. It then let’s you upload your saved videos to YouTube and Facebook. It’s a great way to share your creativity with all of your friends and expand your audience in the gaming community at the same time.


So how does it work? The GC500 records and plays games from game consoles with no delays and captures real-time video onto your PC or laptop via a USB connection. The device uses Component YPbPr, Composite RCA or S-Video as well as audio inputs and outputs and supports Blu-Ray and DVD formats.



The GC500 also captures video from other sources as well. You can create and edit videos from your camcorder, VHS cassettes or set top boxes.

The GC500 also includes DVC (Diamond Video Capture) software with a direct upload to a YouTube interface so that you can post your videos online effortlessly.



I find the Diamond GC500 to be the perfect solution for providing an easy way to broadcast and share your game play without disrupting the experience with lags and delays. More sophisticated gamers will really appreciate the ability to record, play and stream in real-time; an important feature for quick reflex games like first-person shooters. So let the GC500 game capture device help you capture, edit and share your gaming strategies. The Diamond Game-Caster GC500 Game Capture Device is available at: www.diamondmm.com.



Preserving and Converting VHS Video Cassettes with the Diamond VC500 Video Capture

Before the age of the smartphone, social media and the modern day selfie culture, there was the VHS cassette. It was the only way to record and store all of our videos.

Some of my absolute favorite moments in life are on that outdated format – TV shows, music videos from the 80s, my Uncle Marty’s wedding. I was at a loss as to what else I could do with all these old tapes. Throw them out? There must be an easy way to preserve all this stuff… right?

The Diamond One-Touch Video Capture VC500 has become the most versatile and useful tool on my desk. It takes all the stress out of converting video from almost any source and converting and preserving them into digital files.


The Diamond VC500 easily collects data from your original source, in this case a VHS player, and displays it beautifully on your PC or laptop. At the same time it is recording and saving it for editing later. Simply connect the composite cable to your VHS Player, Camcorder or other video source and connect the output USB connector to your Laptop or PC.


What I like about the VC500 is the software that comes with it. It is easy to navigate and a joy to work with. The VC500 is designed as a very specific tool for a very specific task. I really enjoy having the application on my laptop as I can seamlessly go through literally an entire library of archived recordings. This is where the fun begins.


The VC500 software is powerful enough to add storyboards, full-featured text edits and transitions and lets you create some really cool customized videos from existing analog VHS recordings. With this feature alone, you can spend hours creating new videos from old ones. After your editing is done, just burn it onto a DVD. Simple.


The Diamond One-Touch Video Capture VC500 is ideal for those who simply want to turn their precious memories into moments captured forever. You can find this and all of our other really neat multimedia devices at:  www.diamondmm.com.




The Diamond Radeon R9 300 Series Graphics Cards – The DNA of 4K Gaming

AMD is ready for DirectX® 12. Are YOU?

AMD RADEON™ 300 Series Graphics fully support Microsoft DirectX® 12, with the following enhancements over earlier products:

• Faster Tessellation

• Tiled ResourcesSupport for massive virtual textures, enabling dynamic loading of tiles  into graphics RAM for expansive game world details.

Radeon R9 380:

For Gamers Who Demand the Best:

The AMD Radeon™ R9 380 GPU was conceived to play the most demanding games at maximum details at 1080p, 1440p, all the way to 4K resolution.

Obliterate the opposition with the 4K gaming power and advanced features of the AMD Radeon™ R9 380 GPU. Step up to quality that rivals 4K – even on 1080p displays – with upscaling via Virtual Super Resolution (VSR). Max-out game settings at 1440p, or jump directly to ultra-HD 4K. Be ready for DirectX® 12 games and boost gaming performance at higher resolutions with 256-bit architecture, faster memory interface, and larger frame buffer capacity.

Connect multiple 1080p displays to a single GPU with AMD Eyefinity technology for panoramic gaming, and get more bite for the fight by adding two GPUs with AMD CrossFire™ technology. Plus support for DirectX® 12, Vulkan™ — and the available free Windows® 10 upgrade from Microsoft® – prep you for the coming wave of new games. It’s the DNA of 4K gaming.



Radeon R9 390 and 390X:

Extreme 4K Gaming for Serious Gamers:

The AMD Radeon™ R9 390 series graphics cards put premium 4K gaming and VR within reach – you’re locked and loaded for smooth, true-to-life, stutter-free gameplay with ultra-high performance and resolution.

Teleport into life-like 4K gaming realism with AMD Radeon™ R9 390 Series graphics. Reign over all the action in 4K with supercharged performance and 512-bit 8GB GDDR5 memory. Add more muscle with AMD CrossFire™ technology and amplify your gaming performance with the superior scalability with up to 4 AMD Radeon™ R9 390 Series GPUs.

Enjoy breathtaking visual performance on up to 6 displays with AMD Eyefinity technology and the latest GCN architecture innovations that support for DirectX® 12 and Vulkan™ API.

Make AMD’s Radeon™ R9 390 Series graphics your ticket to gaming supremacy.



Make sure to check out the latest Diamond AMD Radeon R9 300 Series Graphics Cards that feature DirectX® 12 support at



All information herein supplied by Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

© 2015 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. All rights reserved. AMD, the AMD Arrow logo, Catalyst, Radeon and combinations thereof are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Other names are for informational purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. DirectX and Microsoft are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the US and other countries.


The Diamond GC2000 Game Capture Device: It’s a Game Changer – Literally

We’re here at Diamond Multimedia checking out their latest Game Capturing device – The Game-Caster GC2000 Game Capture Device. Diamond Multimedia has been widely recognized as a key player in launching the multimedia revolution and this is just one of their latest and greatest technological devices.
Louis Kokenis, Engineering Product Manager at Diamond has been gracious enough to talk with us a little about the Game-Caster GC2000:


DL: Hi Louis. It seems that this new product from Diamond really offers a great solution for those who have a game console and want to take it to the next level.

LK: Yeah, the new Game-Caster GC2000 just launched this summer and we’re pretty excited about it. It really lets you be in total control of sharing your gaming experience with practically everybody in the known universe.

DL: Can you simply tell us how it works?

LK: Well basically, if you own an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, PlayStation 3 or 4 or Wii, you can capture and edit your game-play in HD 1080p all while you are playing. Then you can stream it to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or Ustream.

DL: Wow, it’s such a great way to show off your strategy and create tutorials on games you’re really good at.

LK: Yeah it’s all about the audience. It brings the gamer closer to an audience and with streaming, it helps them to set up his or her own YouTube channel. Also, people want to learn how to play certain games, and the GC2000 is an excellent teaching tool for those of us who are the so-called experts.

DL: What are some of the features of the GC2000 that make it unique?

LK: I think one of the really important features is the Voice Commentary capability. It’s really crucial in making videos, that you voice-over what you are capturing and the GC2000 lets you do just that. Nararate your videos. Also the fact that you can save your work on an SD card is really cool. It’s part of what Diamond calls the Triple Play feature.


DL: Can you explain the Triple Play feature of the GC2000?

LK: In essence, the GC2000 does three things. First, it Captures and Edits your gaming directly to your PC, recording with the LOOP-THROUGH function. Second, it acts as a standalone unit that records and directly Saves to an SD card without a PC. And third, it Streams directly to Twitch, Ustream or even your smartphone or tablet.


DL: What does the LOOP-THROUGH function do and what is its purpose?

LK: LOOP-THROUGH simply means that the GC2000 lets you record and play at the same time.

DL: For the casual gamer like myself, how easy is it to hook up?

LK: It’s really easy. You just connect the audio, component and HDMI cables from your game console into one side of the GC2000. Then you connect your USB cable from your PC, connect another HDMI cable from the GC2000 to your TV and connect an Ethernet cable for your network.


DL: You know, I think one of the best things about this product is how interactive you can be with the online gaming community. You mentioned that you can use the GC2000 to connect and stream to Twitch, Ustream, YouTube and Facebook. Can you tell us a little more about how to do that?

LK: Once you’ve captured and edited your game-play from your game console and everything is good to go, you just upload your recorded file via your network with Ethernet.


DL: Is there any support for troubleshooting?

LK: Yes, the Diamond Multimedia U.S. customer support line is open Monday through Friday during normal business hours. You can call and ask any questions, they’re very knowledgeable.



Diamond Multimedia Announces the new GameCaster GC2000 HD 1080P Game Capture

Diamond Multimedia Announces the new GameCaster GC2000 HD 1080P Game Capture for PC/PS3/PS4/WiiU/Xbox/XboxOne, Win7, Win8, Win8.1 (Android Streaming),(iOS Streaming) with Voice Commentary

LOS ANGELES, CA- (June 24, 2015) –  Diamond Multimedia, a leading manufacturer of Radeon Gaming graphics cards, and award winning best seller of One Touch Capture VC500 USB capture device for PC and Mac and other popular multimedia products, introduced today the GameCaster HD GC2000, which allows users to capture and edit game-play sessions from popular consoles — including Xbox® 360, PS3/PS4®, Wii/WiiU — and VHS, DVD Player, Camcorder or satellite set top box, then share their tailored clips on YouTube™ and Facebook®. The GC2000 also allows real time streaming to Twitch, Ustream and other custom RTMP streaming sites. Unlike other popular capture devices the GC2000 allows in home streaming via Ethernet connection to your router allowing you to capture and stream in real time to other computers, smartphones and tablets within your network.

With its sleek and compact design, the Diamond GameCaster HD 1080P Game Capture is a breeze to use. Just set it and forget it. The LOOP-THROUGH function lets you record and play simultaneously with no delay.

It is the simplest and fastest game capture device ever. Get yours today. Users Can Capture, Edit and Share Game in Play Sessions From Gaming Consoles Such as Sony PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii With No Lags or Delays Unlike Other Common Systems.




The Diamond GameCaster HD 1080P Game Capture features Triple Play Game Capture Modes:

  • Capture/Edit including real-time “Voice Commentary”
  • Standalone – Record directly to a SD card without a PC
  • Streaming – Stream directly to Twitch, Ustream or your Smartphone/Tablet

With Gamers and gaming as the core of our company, we know their pain points and we wanted to provide our key consumers with a solution that provides them with an easy way to broadcast and share their game-play without disrupting the experience with lags and delays.

Traditional video capture devices do not support video pass-through and were only intended for users to convert VHS tapes to digital formats and DVD. Diamond’s GC2000 bridges that gap and allows today’s more sophisticated users to record, play and stream in real-time, an important feature for quick reflex games like first-person shooters. Diamond users can connect their game console directly to the GC2000, which is then connected to the TV via the Video-out port. The video is sent through the USB port to the PC, allowing the user to play the games on their big screen TV, resulting in no traditional lags or delays on the computer screen.

Pricing and Availability

The GC2000 is available at the Diamond Multimedia Online Store. The device retails at $149.99. The Diamond Multimedia GC2000 comes with a one year limited warranty, a Diamond guarantee of quality manufacturing and US-based customer support system.

About Diamond Multimedia
For over two decades, Diamond Multimedia has been widely recognized as a pioneer and a driving force in the graphics, sound and communications industries and a key player in launching the multimedia revolution. Today, Diamond Multimedia offer a diverse portfolio of complete multimedia solutions. Ranging from ATI Radeon graphics cards and video capture devices to set top boxes and a wide range of consumer electronics accessories, the company is committed to providing customers with the latest quality technology combined with outstanding service and support.

Diamond products are available to the public throughout North America and Europe through retailers, resellers and systems integrators as well as top technology product distributors. Diamond products stand for performance, quality and value.

Contact Information
Mylene Gutierrez
Diamond Multimedia