Use the Diamond WPCTVPRO to Wirelessly Stream your Android Mobile Device to Your Large Screen HDTV or HD projector

On this second part of streaming to your large-screen TV, I really like the Diamond V-Stream WPCTVPRO which is a Wireless USB, PC to TV device that allows you to wirelessly stream HD video and internet content to your HDTV.


With an OTG Cable, you can now enable any Android 5.0 device to stream internet content on a large-screen TV by installing an app. Here is the link to the app:

Let’s look at how an OTG (On-the-Go) cable can make your life easier. Basically, an OTG cable is a small adapter that goes between your smartphone or tablet (in this case AndroidTM 5.0 devices) and a USB connection (in this case a Diamond WPCTVPRO transmitter that will allow wireless streaming from your device to a large-screen TV).


For me, this has replaced the need for any other cables and wires which may get in the way when I’m walking around in my living room. I just have a small transmitter connected to my Android OS smartphone and the WPCTVPRO connected separately to my large screen TV.


The Diamond WPCTVPRO not only supports your PC/Mac based computer but also supports your Android based smartphone or tablets. Mirror and stream your mobile screen to your large screen TV or projector without any wired restrictions such as with MHL and HDMI cables.

Impress friends and family with a streaming slideshow of your vacation movies and selfies. Use it in your office conference room,  stream internet content from your smart mobile device or share Google Doc presentations and slideshows on the conference room projector.


So if you want to share what’s on your mobile device, or simply want to see it on a large screen, without all the wires and cables connected to your TV, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Diamond WPCTVPRO. The Diamond WPCTVPRO and other innovative multimedia products are available at:




Streaming to a Large Screen TV – Wireless Equals Time Saved

When it’s time to stream videos for home entertainment, we all do it – connect our smartphones or tablets to our large screen TVs. Sounds simple, right? By the time you’ve got your HDMI cable connected to your TV, not to mention all your power cords, charging cable and set-top box wires, your cable TV cable and your DSL modem cords, you’re walking around in your living room and dealing with a tangled up mess.

The Diamond WPCTV3000 – Stream2TV is the perfect solution. It effectively slims down your actual time spent on rearranging your living room to accommodate wires. This awesome device is designed to stream content from your smartphone or tablet to your Large-Screen TV, wirelessly. All in 1080P HD quality.


But the WPCTV3000 isn’t just great for smartphones and tablets. It also lets you mirror your desktop and extend views from your PC, Mac or Laptop. This is great when you’ve got a TV and PC close together in your room, and you just feel like watching a movie on YouTube or connecting on social media sites, like Facebook on a bigger screen.


With a simple VGA connection, you can use the WPCTV3000 to wirelessly stream to a projector. This is great if you’re a teacher or someone who needs to hold meetings. And we all know that meetings and conferences can be held at a hectic pace, so you need to be fast and hassle-free.


There are tons of options to save time, and the Diamond WPCTV3000 is a great one. Again it’s all about saving just a little bit of time. Saving just 1 minute every time you want to see your favorite YouTube videos, photos, spreadsheets or Facebook posts adds up to a lot of time you could be using more efficiently.

Make sure to check out the Diamond WPCTV3000- Stream2TV and simplify your streaming without all the wires.